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Control Erosion with Rip Rap in Prince George

Westbin Sand & Gravel can help you control wind, ice, and water erosion on residential, commercial, and industrial properties with rip rap in Prince George. Rip rap also goes by other names such as rock armour, rubble, and shot rock, but is essentially when materials are piled strategically and stacked on top of each other to guard against erosion from wind, ice, or water. Rip rap is commonly created with many different types of rock materials including but not limited to granite, limestone, and even concrete rubble occasionally. You will often see rip rap being used to guard shorelines, bridge abutments, and streambeds from different kinds of erosion. The rip rap takes the impact of the erosion force which allows it to control the erosion process.

Rip Rap for Prince George Commercial and Industrial Properties

When you run a business, your office building or warehouse is a huge investment. Maintaining the area around your buildings and protecting it from erosion is possible with rip rap in Prince George. We have provided rip rap services to commercial and industrial clients across Northern British Columbia since 1997. With decades of experience, we have seen all kinds of applications of rip rap including agriculture, land development, river banks, and construction sites. Rip rap is an aesthetically-pleasing, durable option for erosion control and requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Since rip rap is made with piles of stones, it is able to adjust on its own as it settles and moves. Even if rip rap were to suffer minor damage, it can still function as erosion control! It is advised that just to be safe rip rap erosion control be checked on and inspected at least annually and more often if there have been heavy storms or if you notice damage.

Rip Rap for Prince George Residential Properties

Do you have a green thumb? If you are adamant about the aesthetic of the landscaping surrounding your home, you may want to consider some of the benefits of rip rap for your Prince George residential property! Rip rap is commonly used as an addition to landscaping and gardening because:

It has a natural look: Rip rap uses various kinds of rock and stone which will blend in with your natural landscape.

It guards your hard work from erosion: If you have a waterfront property, don’t let your hard work get swept out to sea! Rip rap will protect your landscaping or garden from water erosion.

It protects wildlife: If you have waterfront property, you may appreciate the beauty and wonder of marine wildlife. Rip rap can provide a place for crabs, fish, and marine vegetation to grow and live. 

If you are passionate about taking care of your landscaping and gardening, rip rap is an ecologically-friendly way to combat erosion and protect your hard work.

At Westbin Sand & Gravel, we have an extensive fleet of trucks to deliver the materials for the rip rap you need in Prince George and the surrounding areas. Whether you have ideas for a huge rip rap project or a small one, we can help. We will transfer your rip rap to your home or jobsite efficiently – providing you with protection from erosion shortly after you place an order. For an estimate or more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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